US Hemp and Oil is located in North Central Florida and is a cannabis extraction operation specific to CBD derived from industrial hemp. USHO provides an honest, reliable, high-quality and vertically-connected processing facility that offers both small and large acreage farmers a successful pipeline for product. Starting with clean, healthycannabis and adhering to strict, regulated processing technologies with third-party certifications allows USHO to produce and wholesale pharmaceutical grade CBD oil and distillates of consistent and superior quality.


USHO enables Florida farmers, and others around the country, to maximize the profitability of their crops by providing a top-quality, fully-certified processing facility that advocates for the small and large-scale growers by offering a fair market price for their harvest.


The owners and investors are ALL from FLORIDA and have generational roots to Florida agriculture dating back over 100 years. We are sincere in our desire to see our farmers thrive and our extraction facility offer jobs to local workers. We hope to restore a balance to the great state of Florida between the development and agricultural industries.

Our CBD products begin as hemp grown on United States farms that use the highest standards in their growing and cultivation processes. To ensure purity, U.S. Hemp and Oil requires the raw materials be tested for the full spectrum of  pollutants including heavy metals, pesticides, microbials, solvents, and more.

Our processing facility is fully certified by the Food and Drug Administration and adheres to Standard Operating Procedures and Good Management Practices in all areas of extraction.

Our extraction machines are ASME built and certified, meeting the highest regulations in nearly all states and Canadian provinces and sourced and built in the USA. Our extraction processes maintain consistent, repeatable results which is essential to our wholesale buyers.


Our CBD oils are tested both in-house and by third party labs so we can confidently guarantee our buyers of our high-quality, pharmaceutical grade CBD oil they can use in any consumer product. Our fully transparent program of labeling and product-tracking allows consumers to analyze the hemp’s entire journey from field to shelf with labeling codes.

We consider CBD to be the most significant health and wellness story of our generation, and we are proud to work with our farmers and buyers to help millions discover its benefits. We hope you’ll join our revolution to grow, research, discover, and innovate with us.

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