CBD Water Soluble Distillate

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THC is a lipid with incredibly low solubility in water: 0.003mg/ml. For perspective, a ‘standard’ edible dose of 10mg THC would require over three liters of water to dissolve. Like other aromatic terpenoids, THC readily dissolves in alcohol and other lipids. This has been exploited for the production of myriad oil- and alcohol-based beverages on the current cannabis market.

For those seeking THC without alcohol, the options are limited to cannabis beverages that attempt to mix oils with water. Inevitably, emulsifiers have been required for this task. Traditionally, these oils did not hide well, often dictating the flavor and mouthfeel of the final product. Like raw milk, or a vinaigrette, these mixtures can settle and separate, requiring a vigorous shake or stir.