Hemp Biomass: Growing the Future of CBD

Who are we?
US Hemp and Oil is located in North Central Florida and is a cannabis extraction operation specific to CBD derived from industrial hemp. USHO provides an honest, reliable, high-quality and vertically connected processing facility that offers both small and large acreage farmers a successful pipeline for product. 
Starting with clean, healthy cannabis and adhering to strict, regulated processing technologies with third-party certifications allows USHO to produce and wholesale pharmaceutical grade CBD oil and distillates of consistent and superior quality.
USHO enables Florida farmers, and others around the country, to maximize the profitability of their crops by providing a top-quality, fully-certified processing facility that advocates for the small and large-scale growers by offering a fair market price for their harvest.  
The USHO Difference:
We pay our farmers for their products upon delivery and verification of quality!
Other processors and brokers want to “toll” the farmer and make little or no payment to the farmer until they have sold the CBD products.  Then they split this income with the farmer.  This system forces the farmer to wait indefinitely for an unspecified income.
USHO believes it is in our farmers’ best interest to be paid a contracted price after delivery of the hemp biomass and its verification of quality in meeting industry standards.  No waiting, no guessing, and less stress.
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We are here to Help ...
Complete the U.S. Hemp and Oil Farmer/Grower Application form and email or mail this in. Click or Tap here for form:
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Farmer/Grower Information Sheet here:
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Extraction and Distillation Services

There are a variety of extraction methods utilized in the hemp industry to extract CBD oil from the hemp plant material. U.S. Hemp and Oil's material is extracted using a variety of methods including, but not limited to: ethanol, CO2, and hydrocarbon.

We pride ourselves on our large distillation capabilities. With the ability to produce hundreds of kilograms of full-spectrum distillate on a daily basis, U.S. Hemp and Oil ensures it can meet the vast demand of its clients and customers with any distillation services and post full-spectrum distillate derivative products!

Let's Grow Together ...

U.S. Hemp and Oil prides itself on superior production, manufacturing and distribution services for the hemp derived cannabinoid market. Our team of professional lab technicians and scientists work together with our clients to produce an industry standard of quality hemp and CBD products. Spearheading revolutionary businesses practices and leading by example for industry professionalism, our team is dedicated to a customer experience of excellence and satisfaction, guaranteed.

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